Getting started with filmphotography

Pentax Spotmatic II
Pentax Spotmatic II & a roll of Tri-X 400-Film ©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog


As my enthusiasm for photography grows I also want to travel back to film!

I don’t think that either digital or film is the one and only medium. Photography is always about exploring things and using the medium you have fun with. I always had fun taking photographs with the old Rolleiflex SL35 Which my grandfather gave me and my brother back in the days. I even shot a whole trip to Norway on this nicely build, full manual camera and got some awesome results.

So why not believing in film again and get some equipment as it is really affordable these days?!

So i checked the Internet for reliable cameras operating fully manual except for a build-in lightmeter (this comes in handy i think). Some classics are pretty expensive these days, including the Rolleiflex SL35. A Pentax Spotmatic just seemed right for me and i could buy the body for about 40€ on ebay. As the Spotmatic uses an m42-mount for the lenses i could also get an 50mm f1.8 Pentacon Auto lens. I dont think this is one of the sharpest lenses out there for the m42-mount but i wanted to start right of and could not afford a SMC Takumar with an Aperture of f1.4 anyway.

To check the camera and lens-function i just exposed a Kodak Gold ISO 200 Film which was processed by the local drugstore. I must say I’m not really pleased with the first result i got. some exposures look mushy and unsharp even i was pretty sure to got the focus right. But the light-meter works just fine so i decided to go for some more rolls of film. This time i got the legendary  black&white TRI-X from Kodak with an ISO of 400. i chose this film because of its classic look and great contrast. I want to do the processing by myself at home so i will go for some Adonal-chemicals and some lab-equipment soon and keep my blog updated as i dig deeper into the process of film 🙂



3 thoughts on “Getting started with filmphotography

  1. Good luck with it all! The Spotmatic is one of my favorite cameras and Tri-X is one of the best films out there. The Takumar lenses are definitely sharp and look great with Tri-X, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Pentacon lenses also…I hope you didn’t get a broken one!

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    1. Everything is in pretty good shape 🙂
      Meanwhile i processed my first two Tri-X films at home and got pretty good results. Can’t wait to get my negatives scanned as i don’t have an enlarger to do that job. It is pretty nice to feel the filmphotography again. It is just a pure pleasure 🙂

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