Stay inspired through photo-books

Photo-books ©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog


“Buy Books, Not Gear” – Eric Kim

Photo-Books are a great way to study the composition of great photographs and the effect of light and shadow. Especially when it comes to streetphotography where things are moving fast we have to keep our eyes open and really SEE the moment as it happens quickly to get our shot.

With this post i want to quickly recommend 3 of my photo-Books which where and are a big inspiration for me.

– FISH TANK by Christophe Bourgeois

Pictures in the book ©Christophe Bourgeois
Pictures in the book ©Christophe Bourgeois

To be honest i never heard of this photographer before i saw this book at the local bookstore! After browsing the first pages of the book my decision was to definitely buy the book right away.

Christophe Bourgeois digs deep into the fishmarkets of big chinese citys and documents the activities in beautiful, raw black and white. On every photograph you can get the feeling of the scene and people. A book full of life and people 🙂 as you can see on the picture above the book itself is pretty well and beautifully made too!

The book contains 112 pages.

ISBN: 978-2-930537-09-2


– EYES WIDE OPEN – Stanley Kubrick als Fotograf (German Book)


I think that nobody would question that Stanley Kubrick is one of the biggest filmmakers of all time. Worldwide known for his futuristic and deep scenes many don’t think of where this great director started his talent of seeing things so clear. As a photographer Kubrick started to work for the Look-Magazine and also took stunning street-shots. Inspiration guaranteed!

The book contains 224 pages with tons of big printed shots and also official look-magazine print-footage. Nice timetravel to the roots of one of my favorite directors!

ISBN: 978-386984-069-7


– STREET PHOTOGRAPHY NOW – by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren


This book is called “the new international and defining guide to street photography” and i just have to say YEAH, it definitly is!

Featuring work of big photographers all over the world as Bruce Gilden, Matt Stuart, Trent Parke etc. With this book you truly get the BIG SHOTS you would have expected. The book contains 240 pages with tons of super brilliant work. Sometimes shocking, brilliant and candid. If you are interested in getting the most of your money for a photo-book you can’t do anything wrong with this one 🙂

ISBN: 978-0-500-28907-5



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