2016 starts with a red dot – Leica M6 TTL

Leica M6 TTL
Leica M6 TTL

As the first rolls of Tri-X where exposed with my Pentax Spotmatic  and succesfully developed at the home-lab, I made the decision to dig even deeper into filmphotography.

It was always a dream for me to own and use one of these beautiful rangefinder-cameras made by Leica. So why not buy a nice Film-Leica which is significantly cheaper than the digital rangefinders from Leica? I went for the M6 TTL in this beautiful chrome-finish from 1999 🙂

But is it all just about the aesthetics? Definitely not! Different styles of cameras need a different style of shooting them! So what do I hope for shooting my “new” old Leica M6?


Quick Focus:

Yes, it is an all manual focus camera with all manual lenses for it but focus seems to speed up when you learn how to use the RF-Lenses. They even have a shorter focus way to turn. (Just think of your slr-lens: turns almost 360 degrees to get the focus from the shortest distance to infinity…) But i have to learn how to Zone Focus anyway.


Learning more about different lightning situations:

Yes, it is nice to check the lightning-situation and immediately see the results within the EVF or on your live-view-display but this gets me pretty lazy. I want to learn how to best handle different lightning-situations and most important: remember them to get the result i want for the situation.


Not fiddling with levers & settings all the time:

Focus, aperture & shutter-speed… what else is needed for a good photograph? Right, the least amount of setting so i can concentrate on framing and the photo I want to take, not the whitebalance, programmable user-functions or something annoying like that (did you ever push the wrong button cause you forgot about the different function you programmed it on last week? I’m pretty sure you did 😉 )

And so much more!

I hope 2016 will keep things clear, simple and full of film when it comes down to photography. I know, it’s paradox to buy new stuff to keep things simple but this is generally a struggle for people who love photography and cameras I think 😉


The Lens I choosed to start with is the Voigtländer 35mm f1.4 Nokton Classic SC. I am pretty excited about this lense as it is really a compact, everyday 35mm-Lens which keeps the hole package in a perfect form-factor to make it a carry-around-kit.

The Voigtländer should arrive here in just a few days. Can’t wait for it to start!

As usual I will share my results & thoughts about that with you! Any thoughts on the Nokton Classic? Let me know in the comments!






7 thoughts on “2016 starts with a red dot – Leica M6 TTL

  1. Welcome to the Leica club! Going with a Voigtländer lens is a smart move, that way you figure out if you like shooting with rangefinders without excessive outlay of funds, and Voigtländer glass is actually very good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mitch 🙂
      that’s exactly why I was going for this Voigtländer-lens. It’s not perfect but I am not looking for technical perfection anyway. I’ll keep my blog updated and will share my first Rangefinder-results and thoughts on that 🙂


  2. Thank you for this write-up. I started to dig film photography again just recently, still I feel the urge to dig into digital and feel exactly like you about these many components to look after. Composition is the most important to me, but now I have to learn how to keep all those factors in check with digital. Not sure if that is really my way of doing things.

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    1. Jeah, it is a pretty tough choice between digital and film but why not do both side by side? 🙂 Both kinds of photography have it’s up und downsides but composition is always the most important feature no matter which style of photography we choose 🙂


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