Bad photography framing & how to learn from it?! – example

Today I had a pretty nice photography-walk with a friend shooting on the streets of Hamburg.
First of all I wanna self-review a pretty bad framed picture from myself to show you the basic mistakes we all (or maybe just me?) doin’ over and over again.

Just looking at the picture below I would’t even call it a bad photograph! But framing is just so important for a really good photograph that you can mess up a hole moment just by framing it “not right” or pretty “crappy”!



Now check this out:




There are 4 basic areas showing my bad framing:


-1 & 2:

I should have framed the whole window! The part numbered with 2 is just cut out of the frame… would have looked much much nicer if I framed the whole window to get some kind of a “multi layered”-image.


The image is not straight framed. Right, you can “repair” this in Lightroom or any other processing-program. But is this the right way to go? I think NO, frame it right to get the most out of your photograph. Shoot this on film and you are totally fucked up with this messy, not straight framing if you want to enlarge it.


Get every screw on top of the image in the frame! Okay, this is sometimes limited by your body-height anyway but I’m sure there’s a way to do it 😉


What I’m trying to tell myself an you is: Framing is almost everything. Frame it right and you’ll be rewarded with no thoughts like “Oh NO, this would have looked much nicer if I…” and so on…

Of course I will show the “good” results from the photo-tour here as well 😉




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