***Guest-Post*** My Story with the Leica Minilux

Don’t just press a button & bury your photos in the digital graveyard. Every picture has a soul – so give them a body to live in.

So that’s what I feel about photography, no matter if it’s digital or analogue. I always loved to print out my favorite pictures. I loved to feel the photographs, that was more than pictures to me. They are all a piece of my memory – a precious part of my past.

After years of photographing digital I bought my first polaroid camera. Since I love having photographs this was an easy way to have them right away after releasing the shutter. I bought another two polaroids until I realized that polaroids didn’t give me enough possibilities I was looking for.


That is when I got interested in film photography. I started to research online, I watched a lot of youtube videos, I read blogs and reviews… I can’t remember where I finally found out about the minilux – but when I did, I felt like this was a perfect camera to begin with.

Why? It’s quite affordable – I got mine for 180€. It’s small (I have a Nikon D750, a monster in comparison to the minilux). And I fell in love with some photographs I’ve found on flickr shot with the minilux.


So I bought mine on ebay in December last year. I got the minilux summarit – the version with the fixed local length (there is also a zoom version). And I bought my first film, the Kodak Gold. The first 4 rolls of film were all shot with the Kodak Gold so that the results are better to compare with in case I have to find out why the photographs didn’t turned out as I liked them to. And I got surprised – a lot. haha



I took the minilux wherever I went to and tried out a lot of different light situations. At some point I even took the minilux to concerts. Even though there were really low light, I got some brilliant pictures.


And guess what, while my friend’s  analogue camera wasn’t allowed to take in (because of the interchangeable lens), I got easily through the security guards.


I really enjoy taking pictures with the minilux, but to be honest there are few things that really bugs me. Every time you turn off and on the camera, it won’t memorize the setting you used before. So every f*cking time you have to turn off the flash, means you have to press a button 5 times before you shoot, except you forget it, shoot and get angry about the flash that turned on. But you get used to it.



But the worst thing happened at a concert when my minilux fell over the floor. The error 01 popped up and I couldn’t release the shutter anymore. That was it – the end of the love story. I was down, upset and angry about my own stupidity.

I looked for a repair here in Berlin but I wasn’t sure if the costs would be worth it or if it’s better to sell the broken minilux to get a new one with the money instead… So desperate as I was, I opened the camera, took out the used film, changed the batteries, put in a new roll of film and as someone heard my blessings, I released the shutter and click. Since then it works perfectly.


But somehow somewhere on my way I lost my love for the minilux. I still love to take pictures, but do I really need a photograph every time I release the shutter? Is this moment worth having a photograph? I was annoyed waiting days to see any results. And sometimes the pictures turned out awful. I left my minilux at home. I thought this would be the end of me & the minilux.

However, my friend gave me the kodak tri-x. And after waiting 2 weeks for it to get developed I was blown away.


And after all I fell all over for my Leica minilux again.


I guess there are always up and downs in every love story. haha I will shoot more black and white in the future. The minilux is an easy handling camera to start with film photography. I think I will get a Nikon Fm2 someday since I already own a D750 and the lenses fit on both. But until then I will keep going with the minilux.

// up to here: shot with the Leica Minilux Summarit; Kodak Gold & Kodak Tri-X; minimal post production with photoshop; Developer of black and white shots: Atomal 49


By the way, I haven’t introduced myself:

My name is Thanh, known for THANHXTHU. I’m 24 years old. Visual Communication Student & I’m a native of Berlin – I’ve heard we’re becoming extinct. haha


Thank you, RETUELF for becoming a part of this blog! I really love the film photography community & I’m glad to have met so many lovely people. Photographers should stick together!


// pictures of me: shot by Ann De Mo Le; Olympus 35 RC; Kodak Tri X 400; Developer: Kodak D76

Never stop doing what you love


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