Neighborhood photowalk Fuji X100T

Had a nice and slow photowalk with the Fuji X100t in my neighborhood today. This time I decided to go with some colour-shots 🙂

I just made some slight tone curve-adjustments in Adobe Lightroom & used the Kodak Portra 800-Preset from VSCO to produce a film like look.

Again, I’m totally blown away by the overall sharpness the X100t from Fuji produces! Such an awesome little camera!


©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog


©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog


©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog


©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog


©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog


©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog

3 thoughts on “Neighborhood photowalk Fuji X100T

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I don’t use the back display much as it isn’t pretty bright. Sure, you can adjust the brightness to see things better but this wouldn’t increase the battery life 😉 The better way is to switch the back display off and pre-focus the area you usually want to shoot. Feels like blind flying but it is also a good training 🙂

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