Using the Fuji X100t just like the Leica M-D

Just a few days ago Leica introduced the Leica M-D, the first digital M-Series Camera without a screen. If you haven’t checked out the announcement, you’ll find it HERE.
It combines the effort of a modern day digital camera with the pure joy of really creating an image in the camera and not just shooting the shit out of your cam, switching thousands of settings for one image that seems to be “allright”.

What has this to do with the Fuji X100t? You can switch off your backscreen and keep on tracking the things in front of your camera, not on your screen 😉

Before we start with the settings: I won’t ever really compare the little Fuji to the full frame interchangeable lens-Camera Leica M-D. The Leica M-D just inspired me to switch the screen completely off 😉

There are really not much steps to do to get into the “no chimping”-mode! Right under your Viewfinder you’ll find the “VIEW MODE”-Button. Just press it something around 3 times until the message “only viewfinder” appears in the viewfinder and you are ready to go!

Make sure you set up your camera-settings before you do this. Otherwise you have to navigate through your menus all in the viewfinder which is annoying but a good thing when you have everything set up because you don’t even want to go to the menu and switch anything.

Beware of the playback-button!

Okay this seems to be the hardest part of the “no chimping”-challenge! Yes, there is this playback-button and we all want to push it …. you know you really want to push this stupid button right? 😀
Sounds a bit cautionary but: Just try to focus on the next shot! On a bright and sunny day it even has no effort to look at the Fuji-Screen because it is not bright enough to show the image like you’ll see it on your screen back home.

More Battery-Life!

The biggest effort in this mode is the enhanced battery-life! No screen to light, no power to suck from your not really big battery.


Happy no chimping 😉


4 thoughts on “Using the Fuji X100t just like the Leica M-D

  1. Ah yes, the Leica M-D! If I used digital cameras that one would be my only choice…… But wait, the price? 6000€ you say? Forget it!!

    I used an X100 like you do somevtime ago and it was great. But it was that X100 that brought me back to film and ‘real’ cameras.

    Great post! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed the price is amazingly high! I don’t even get the point why it’s even more expensive than the M type 262 as the M-D is mainly a 262 without the screen haha. But the M-D will be successful I think. It’s awesome but me personally would never buy it. But the point is that we all can get inspired from those cameras and leica really understands to spread inspiration 🙂


      1. In fact, if Fuji built this camera it would be around 1000€, just as reliable (or better – see Leica’s sensor troubles) and I’d probaly get one. But I’m not rich enough to buy the Leica entry ticket….

        Liked by 1 person

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