Photo Book Recommendation “Street Photography: First steps and beyond” by Valérie Jardin

As a big fan and user of the Fujifilm X-Series Camera X100t I’m also often inspired by work from the official X-photographers, a collection of awesome photographers around the world shooting with the nice mirrorless Fuji X-System Cameras.
There are quite a lot photographers to explore, but today I just want to write about one of them and her freshly released book: It’s Valérie Jardin and her book “Street Photography: First steps and beyond”.

I just purchased & finished the e-book and found it a really inspiring one as I always want to dig deeper into the exciting genre of street photography or everyday life-photography.

So let’s start with my detailled recommendation so you can decide if this photo book is the right one for you too 🙂


How the e-Book is sectioned

What I really like about the book is the fact that it almost comes like sort of a user manual for street photography! This is not meant to be like the Artist thinks that the reader is totally dumb. This is more meant to be a very positive point for me as Valérie Jardin really understands to put the chaos on the street into clear sections/styles and things you have/ or not have to look for on the streets. This helps me a lot as I would call me a “total beginner” when it comes to document everyday life on the streets with my camera. But she also always keeps place for your very own perspective or style. This is really a plus as is read some books about this genre of photography and the author always wanted me to shoot in only THIS or THAT way with a lot of things I HAVE to do.

Book-Cover Copyright © 2016 Valérie Jardin / Valérie Jardin Photography


Overcoming the fear of shooting strangers

I don’t think that any book covering this particular genre would be complete without this section. For beginners like me this an even more helpful section as I always feel the fear when I’m out shooting and spot a perfect moment. Maybe you all know this point when you spot a perfect scene and then…. ahhh… you were afraid to shoot it because you don’t want to upset the humans around you. Valèrie Jardin comes up with some nice tips to overcome your fear and offers nice training-ideas for the readers 🙂 She also writes about respect which is a pretty BIG deal in street photography I think.


Valerie doesn’t take it way too technical in terms of gear which is a positive thing I think. As an official Fuji X-Photographers we can pretty much imagine what she prefers 😉 As a Facebook & Blog-Follower of her I also know that she loves her Fuji X100t. Beside the fact that this small rangefinder-style camera is the one she’s used to, the message is pretty clear for me: Use whatever you are comfortable with 🙂


So how’s the level of inspiration?

This one’s definitely the most important section for me whenever I buy a photography book: Inspiration! “Street Photography: First steps and beyond” got me a lot of it! It makes you want to shoot the beauty outside your doorstep. It makes you want to discover characters, shoot different styles and reminds you to mind the fun within photography. Of course: The book doesn’t only have letters in it! It is filled with high quality, mainly black & white street photographs of Valèrie Jardin. This always gives you an idea of what the artist is trying to show or tell you.



First of all: This is not a sponsored post or anything like that. I just love photography and great photography books which can help me get inspired and come home with better results 🙂

Of course: It is always a question of Taste! I choose to buy the book because I’m always totally impressed by Valèrie Jardins work. It is a minimalistic style of street photography in my eyes. It is not the Bruce Gilden “in YOUR FACE FLASH BOOM”-kind of photography-style but more the work of a silent observer in public spaces. I’m often wondering how to get this rich and timeless style in my photography like she does. Now that I have all her tips & tricks covered in one place I can take my camera and see what I can create 🙂

If you want to check out Valèrie Jardins work: CLICK HERE

If you want to buy her e-book for 10$: CLICK HERE

Again: this isn’t a sponsored post! If the book would be for free I would have linked it here, too 😉 With paying for the work of photographers you support them to create more and more nice content for you which means even more inspiration for you! Nice deal I think 🙂

Edit: Ken Lyons from also wrote a nice and detailed review of Valérie Jardins brandnew photobook. Be sure to check out his review too: CLICK HERE



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