Prague Underground

On my recent trip to Prague I especially enjoyed the nice Metro-Stations!

They seem to provide the perfect ground for black and white photography with all those clean and streamlined architecture in it.

They also give me a space to create minimalistic street shots and the challenge to blend those busy strangers into the environment.

With this Blog-Post I want to share some of my favorite “Underground-Shots” from Prague 🙂


For me it was the first time visiting Prague which came with the extra-challenge of totally not understanding the czech language 😀 But it was kind of refreshing to shoot in a totally different location which gave me more of a foreign city-feel. Sometimes it feels like my everyday life environment always looks boring on photographs to me because I know this place so well… I’m pretty sure you know what I mean 😉


Entering Náměstí Republiky Metro-Station


After buying one of the pretty cheap 24h public transportation tickets  (4€) we went down the super long and steepish escalator. Those got me pretty dizzy all the time as the prague metro is located far far beneath the ground.


A business-man going down the escalator

The suited man on the escalator just seemed to be the perfect subject. I like how the staircase-tunnel gives the picture a fluidly round character and flow 🙂


Entering the underground

Shooting at ISO 1600 with the Fuji X100t worked pretty well for me in these dark stations. I had to push the exposure a little bit in post processing to get some dark details back but this also supported the look that I wanted for these pictures.


Metro Exit


A central part of metro and subway-stations is of course waiting… A pretty perfect thing when it comes to searching for a nice photo-subject 🙂


Timeless person waiting for the train at Staroměstská station



Waiting at the Muzeum station…



Approaching train at Náměstí Republiky Metro-Station






A long way up… And down


I’m currently processing many photos from my trip to prague so there will be some more updates… Also featuring the overground part of the city 😉


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