Friendly street musician

A few weeks ago a pretty friendly street musician asked me to take a photograph of him.

I just took some shots with the Fuji X100t + TCL-X100 attached which made a nice spontaneous street portait-combo 🙂


For me personally this situation again proofs that the best photo ops just come naturally and spontaneous! I was just passing this guy when he pointed at my camera, telling me to just shoot some pictures of him. Pretty quickly I took the following photographs. I really like how they came out as you really can see the joy in his face 🙂

The ISO was pretty pumped up on these as the lightning-situation wasn’t the best at all. But the film-like look I gave them afterwards in lightroom fit just perfectly fine and grain is always a good thing to have 😉

©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog



©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog



©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog



©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog


BTW: I’m back here with my as this is the much quicker way for me to blog my stuff. I’ll be bulding my redesigned webpage further just in the background to come up with it when it’s time to! Most of you will find my posts anyway in the so this doesn’t really change anything for you 😉


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