As written in my last post I went home from my last photowalk with a lot of colour-shots.
But these two minimalistic shots worked best in black and white 🙂

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Photo Book Recommendation “Street Photography: First steps and beyond” by Valérie Jardin

As a big fan and user of the Fujifilm X-Series Camera X100t I’m also often inspired by work from the official X-photographers, a collection of awesome photographers around the world shooting with the nice mirrorless Fuji X-System Cameras.
There are quite a lot photographers to explore, but today I just want to write about one of them and her freshly released book: It’s Valérie Jardin and her book “Street Photography: First steps and beyond”.

I just purchased & finished the e-book and found it a really inspiring one as I always want to dig deeper into the exciting genre of street photography or everyday life-photography.

So let’s start with my detailled recommendation so you can decide if this photo book is the right one for you too 🙂

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Using the Fuji X100t just like the Leica M-D

Just a few days ago Leica introduced the Leica M-D, the first digital M-Series Camera without a screen. If you haven’t checked out the announcement, you’ll find it HERE.
It combines the effort of a modern day digital camera with the pure joy of really creating an image in the camera and not just shooting the shit out of your cam, switching thousands of settings for one image that seems to be “allright”.

What has this to do with the Fuji X100t? You can switch off your backscreen and keep on tracking the things in front of your camera, not on your screen 😉

Before we start with the settings: I won’t ever really compare the little Fuji to the full frame interchangeable lens-Camera Leica M-D. The Leica M-D just inspired me to switch the screen completely off 😉

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Neighborhood photowalk Fuji X100T

Had a nice and slow photowalk with the Fuji X100t in my neighborhood today. This time I decided to go with some colour-shots 🙂

I just made some slight tone curve-adjustments in Adobe Lightroom & used the Kodak Portra 800-Preset from VSCO to produce a film like look.

Again, I’m totally blown away by the overall sharpness the X100t from Fuji produces! Such an awesome little camera!
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Tele Conversion Lens TCL-X100 + sample-shots

A few days ago I received a pretty exciting package! The Fujifilm Tele Conversion Lens TCL-X100 for the X100-Series from Fuji.

As the Fuji X100t has a fixed focal length of 35mm equiv. it’ a nice way to convert the X100t into a nice 50mm equiv. shooter.

Below you’ll find 3 sample-shots from my first photowalk with the Converter-Lens and some thoughts on the product.

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Fuji X100t Photowalk

As mentioned in my last Blog-Post I had a nice Photo-Walk with a friend yesterday in our hometown Hamburg.

I was pretty well-equipped with my Fuji X100t & the beautiful Leica M6 TTL, loaded with Kodak Tri-X.

In this post I want to show off some of my results from the Fuji X100t. I processed all shots with Adobe Lightroom and VSCO-Presets.

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