Friendly street musician

A few weeks ago a pretty friendly street musician asked me to take a photograph of him.

I just took some shots with the Fuji X100t + TCL-X100 attached which made a nice spontaneous street portait-combo 🙂

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A cheap roll of Kodak Gold 200 – Shot with the Leica M6

Last weekend I started a nice little photowalk with a friend who wanted to dive a little bit deeper into photography in general. We checked out the not so crowded part of the harbourside here in Hamburg which gave us more space to think about framing, lightning and also providing us some nice quite sceneries to capture 🙂

Time enough to test out the new old Leica M6 which I freshly bought. This time I went for colour-Film which is not really common for me 😉 But the results came out pretty nice. Check them out if you want…
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In love with Kodak Tri-X + D-76


Feeling at home with Kodak Tri-X @ISO 400 + Kodak D76 🙂
The look gets in a direction where I want it to be!

It took me about 14 rolls of film to say that. Mostly Tri-X, some Ilford HP5-experiments and the tough decission between Rodinal and D-76.

Though I’m definitely a grain-lover Rodinal just gave me a way to hefty grain-structure with a loss of detail. Now that I tried to slightly overexpose my frames D-76 gives me a fine but still visible ultra classy grain-structure 🙂

Enough of experimenting! I can finally start to put more detailled work into the Tri-X + D-76-Process 🙂

Latest Photowalk with the Fuji X100T

After the last photowalk here in Hamburg I ended up with a lot of nice colour-shots. It was a bright and really sunny day so the conditions seemed to be pretty perfect for classic film-like looks like I was able to produce with some VSCO Lightroom-Presets and adjustments 🙂

I also ended up with a mixture of street and architecture photos which perfectly documents my walk I think.

Hope you enjoy this little selection 🙂

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From todays sunny photowalk with the Fuji X100t in Hamburg.
I went home with mostly colour-shots. Don’t know why but most of them just seemed to look a lot better in colour. This is my absolute favorite from today. I had to wait a pretty long time to get the right person in the frame but it was worth the wait I think.

Will be uploading the other shots from the walk soon.

BTW: I finally managed to get a second battery for my fuji as battery-life on this small camera still sucks which means: 2 hours of shooting and I’m empty… So from now on I’ll have 4 hours! 2 hours more to catch the right stranger in perfect light!

Fuji X100t Photowalk 16.05.2016


I had a pretty concentrated photowalk yesterday with the Fuji X100t focussing on blending people into the city-environment.
I don’t think that this genre is a pretty rewarding one but it is totally challenging to me as I often try to search for a sense of timelessness.

I ended up having three shots I am totally happy with which is a good result for me 🙂

You can check them out below.

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