How to correctly expose without a light meter – The sunny 16 rule

You feel like it’s time to set yourself free from battery power, light meters, automatic exposure and so on?

The sunny 16 rule is nothing new, but is still a pretty powerful tool for those who want to be free from electronics or just suffer from dying batterys.

In this short post I’ll explain how to get a perfect exposure by just measuring the photography-scene with your own eyes. It is easy, accurate and totally worth learning and playing with it 🙂

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Latest Photowalk with the Fuji X100T

After the last photowalk here in Hamburg I ended up with a lot of nice colour-shots. It was a bright and really sunny day so the conditions seemed to be pretty perfect for classic film-like looks like I was able to produce with some VSCO Lightroom-Presets and adjustments 🙂

I also ended up with a mixture of street and architecture photos which perfectly documents my walk I think.

Hope you enjoy this little selection 🙂

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Most inspiring Street Photographers 2016

What’s the best training besides taking pictures yourself? Right: Looking at the work from the masters of photography!

I always love to study the pictures of the big icons. They always have well sorted portfolios filled with images that just keeps me thinking WOW!
So I was pretty happy to spot the newest blog-entry from the with many big and influential-photographers around the world.

About two weeks ago the blog-initiators asked their readers to submit their favorite photographers in the genre of street photography. They finally managed to put together a list out of 20 of the most influential street photographers 2016.

I had a lot of fun visiting all the photographers portfolios and checking all the different approaches and styles 🙂 Sure, there are many names on the list which will mean nothing new for you but there are still artists to explore!

You can check out the complete list HERE.

I’m pretty happy that so many Fuji-Photographers made it on the list including Valèrie Jardin –> I wrote a review about her newest book about the genre of Street Photography which you can check out HERE.

Shooting the Voigtländer Vitomatic IIa with Kodak Tri-X

The Voigtländer Vitomatic IIa is an all manual 35mm rangefinder-camera equipped with a sharp 50mm f2.8 Color Skopar-Lens.
Last year I made a pretty lucky deal on ebay and got one of these in my hands for just a few Euros. Typically this camera isn’t a bargain but well worth a good research!

I just completed a roll of Kodak Tri-X with this camera and want to show off my results and give you an idea of how shooting works with this camera from 1957.

I also tested a new developer for me which is the classic Kodak D-76 to get a finer grain-structure compared to Rodinal/Adonal.

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Photo Book Recommendation “Street Photography: First steps and beyond” by Valérie Jardin

As a big fan and user of the Fujifilm X-Series Camera X100t I’m also often inspired by work from the official X-photographers, a collection of awesome photographers around the world shooting with the nice mirrorless Fuji X-System Cameras.
There are quite a lot photographers to explore, but today I just want to write about one of them and her freshly released book: It’s Valérie Jardin and her book “Street Photography: First steps and beyond”.

I just purchased & finished the e-book and found it a really inspiring one as I always want to dig deeper into the exciting genre of street photography or everyday life-photography.

So let’s start with my detailled recommendation so you can decide if this photo book is the right one for you too 🙂

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Using the Fuji X100t just like the Leica M-D

Just a few days ago Leica introduced the Leica M-D, the first digital M-Series Camera without a screen. If you haven’t checked out the announcement, you’ll find it HERE.
It combines the effort of a modern day digital camera with the pure joy of really creating an image in the camera and not just shooting the shit out of your cam, switching thousands of settings for one image that seems to be “allright”.

What has this to do with the Fuji X100t? You can switch off your backscreen and keep on tracking the things in front of your camera, not on your screen 😉

Before we start with the settings: I won’t ever really compare the little Fuji to the full frame interchangeable lens-Camera Leica M-D. The Leica M-D just inspired me to switch the screen completely off 😉

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Neighborhood photowalk Fuji X100T

Had a nice and slow photowalk with the Fuji X100t in my neighborhood today. This time I decided to go with some colour-shots 🙂

I just made some slight tone curve-adjustments in Adobe Lightroom & used the Kodak Portra 800-Preset from VSCO to produce a film like look.

Again, I’m totally blown away by the overall sharpness the X100t from Fuji produces! Such an awesome little camera!
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