A cheap roll of Kodak Gold 200 – Shot with the Leica M6

Last weekend I started a nice little photowalk with a friend who wanted to dive a little bit deeper into photography in general. We checked out the not so crowded part of the harbourside here in Hamburg which gave us more space to think about framing, lightning and also providing us some nice quite sceneries to capture 🙂

Time enough to test out the new old Leica M6 which I freshly bought. This time I went for colour-Film which is not really common for me 😉 But the results came out pretty nice. Check them out if you want…
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Why I sold the Leica M6 TTL and went for the “classic”

Being a self-called “Leica-beginner” finding the right M-Body might not be that easy. I recently switched from my M6 TTL to the M6 “classic”.

This “downgrade” might sound strange but let me tell you what exactly  happened 😉 This is not meant to be a real comparison on the differences these two models offer. It all just comes down to my personal perspective on both of these high quality film-rangefinders!
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Using the Fuji X100t just like the Leica M-D

Just a few days ago Leica introduced the Leica M-D, the first digital M-Series Camera without a screen. If you haven’t checked out the announcement, you’ll find it HERE.
It combines the effort of a modern day digital camera with the pure joy of really creating an image in the camera and not just shooting the shit out of your cam, switching thousands of settings for one image that seems to be “allright”.

What has this to do with the Fuji X100t? You can switch off your backscreen and keep on tracking the things in front of your camera, not on your screen 😉

Before we start with the settings: I won’t ever really compare the little Fuji to the full frame interchangeable lens-Camera Leica M-D. The Leica M-D just inspired me to switch the screen completely off 😉

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Some quiet scenes on Kodak Tri-X

Finally found the time to have a look at some older negatives I shot with the Leica M6 TTL on Kodak Tri-X @400 ASA.
Again they are all developed in Adonal/Rodinal which gives me a pretty rough & grainy look. Actually I find them to be a bit too grainy at all. That’s why I orderes some of the classic Kodak D-76-Developer to give it a try on my next two rolls of Tri-X. Searching for the “ultimate classic look” I was told this is the combination to go for.

I paired 4 shots which kind of perfectly fit together as they show some quite urban still life with a lot of organic film-grain 🙂

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***Guest-Post*** My Story with the Leica Minilux

Don’t just press a button & bury your photos in the digital graveyard. Every picture has a soul – so give them a body to live in.

So that’s what I feel about photography, no matter if it’s digital or analogue. I always loved to print out my favorite pictures. I loved to feel the photographs, that was more than pictures to me. They are all a piece of my memory – a precious part of my past.

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Leica-Portrait with Kodak Tri-X


©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog

While having a nice photo-walk I shot this portrait of Hendrin (You can check out his Blog right HERE).

For this picture I used the Leica M6 TTL, loaded with Kodak Tri-X @400 ASA.
The Film was home-developed in Adonal for about 7 minutes & scanned with the Reflecta ProScan 10t. Pretty awesome result 🙂