Friendly street musician

A few weeks ago a pretty friendly street musician asked me to take a photograph of him.

I just took some shots with the Fuji X100t + TCL-X100 attached which made a nice spontaneous street portait-combo 🙂

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Prague Underground

On my recent trip to Prague I especially enjoyed the nice Metro-Stations!

They seem to provide the perfect ground for black and white photography with all those clean and streamlined architecture in it.

They also give me a space to create minimalistic street shots and the challenge to blend those busy strangers into the environment.

With this Blog-Post I want to share some of my favorite “Underground-Shots” from Prague 🙂

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Latest Photowalk with the Fuji X100T

After the last photowalk here in Hamburg I ended up with a lot of nice colour-shots. It was a bright and really sunny day so the conditions seemed to be pretty perfect for classic film-like looks like I was able to produce with some VSCO Lightroom-Presets and adjustments 🙂

I also ended up with a mixture of street and architecture photos which perfectly documents my walk I think.

Hope you enjoy this little selection 🙂

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From todays sunny photowalk with the Fuji X100t in Hamburg.
I went home with mostly colour-shots. Don’t know why but most of them just seemed to look a lot better in colour. This is my absolute favorite from today. I had to wait a pretty long time to get the right person in the frame but it was worth the wait I think.

Will be uploading the other shots from the walk soon.

BTW: I finally managed to get a second battery for my fuji as battery-life on this small camera still sucks which means: 2 hours of shooting and I’m empty… So from now on I’ll have 4 hours! 2 hours more to catch the right stranger in perfect light!

Most inspiring Street Photographers 2016

What’s the best training besides taking pictures yourself? Right: Looking at the work from the masters of photography!

I always love to study the pictures of the big icons. They always have well sorted portfolios filled with images that just keeps me thinking WOW!
So I was pretty happy to spot the newest blog-entry from the with many big and influential-photographers around the world.

About two weeks ago the blog-initiators asked their readers to submit their favorite photographers in the genre of street photography. They finally managed to put together a list out of 20 of the most influential street photographers 2016.

I had a lot of fun visiting all the photographers portfolios and checking all the different approaches and styles 🙂 Sure, there are many names on the list which will mean nothing new for you but there are still artists to explore!

You can check out the complete list HERE.

I’m pretty happy that so many Fuji-Photographers made it on the list including Valèrie Jardin –> I wrote a review about her newest book about the genre of Street Photography which you can check out HERE.