Prague Underground

On my recent trip to Prague I especially enjoyed the nice Metro-Stations!

They seem to provide the perfect ground for black and white photography with all those clean and streamlined architecture in it.

They also give me a space to create minimalistic street shots and the challenge to blend those busy strangers into the environment.

With this Blog-Post I want to share some of my favorite “Underground-Shots” from Prague 🙂

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Book-Review: “SUBWAY” by Bruce Davidson

Thought that the time has come for another book-recommendation.

This time I will give you a quick look into “SUBWAY” by Bruce Davidson.

Just quick note before we get startet: I do not own any of the pictures printed in the Book! Everything you’ll see inside the book belongs to Bruce Davidson / the Aperture publishing company /Magnum Photos 🙂 It’s totally not my intention to bash the copyrights here I just want to highly recommend this book!

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Thoughts of the underground

Thoughts of the underground ©Malte Fleuter & RETUELF photography blog

Driving from A to B on the Subway everyday gets you in contact with so many different people. Most of them are busy, checking their clocks and smartphones for the next train to catch, reading,swiping, looking down.

what are they thinking of? Do they just follow some rational thoughts or do they daydream of still lying in bed, being rich, being not alone, having a great time or do they actually have a great time?

But these are just my thoughts of the underground.