Latest Photowalk with the Fuji X100T

After the last photowalk here in Hamburg I ended up with a lot of nice colour-shots. It was a bright and really sunny day so the conditions seemed to be pretty perfect for classic film-like looks like I was able to produce with some VSCO Lightroom-Presets and adjustments 🙂

I also ended up with a mixture of street and architecture photos which perfectly documents my walk I think.

Hope you enjoy this little selection 🙂

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Neighborhood photowalk Fuji X100T

Had a nice and slow photowalk with the Fuji X100t in my neighborhood today. This time I decided to go with some colour-shots 🙂

I just made some slight tone curve-adjustments in Adobe Lightroom & used the Kodak Portra 800-Preset from VSCO to produce a film like look.

Again, I’m totally blown away by the overall sharpness the X100t from Fuji produces! Such an awesome little camera!
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Starting the “This is what you walk on”-project

I always wanted to document the different things you can find lying on the streets. You can find trash, nice giveaways or even personal storys right in front of your feet.

At the moment i can’t even tell where this project is about to end but i’ll keep this post constantly updated as long as my project runs and can hopefully reveal a beautiful story of stuff.